Candeğer Furtun and neighbouring bodies

Candeğer Furtun participates in the Istanbul Biennial with nine pair of ceramic legs sitting next to each other in a tiled room, Untitled, after thirty years since her participation in the 1st edition of the Biennial in 1987. In this feature story, Furtun talks about her sculptures on view at Istanbul Modern and her art practice.

The 15th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme kicks off with Fred Wilson’s speech

Bringing together a number of handcrafted items related to Ottoman culture and the roles of black people within it in his installation for the Biennial Afro Kismet, on view at the Pera Museum, Wilson was the first guest of the Public Programme with an artist talk he delivered at the auditorium of the Pera Museum on 14 September.

Public Programme
Biennial exhibitions opened their doors

The Biennial exhibitions could be visited at Istanbul Modern, Galata Greek Primary School, Pera Museum, ARK Kültür, Yoğunluk Artist Atelier and Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam until 12 November, every day of the week except Monday with free admission. By your personal QR code that you will receive via e-mail after completing the visitor registration form at, you can visit the biennial at all venues. The Biennial is open on 18 September, Monday.

This year, entrances to the Biennial exhibitions require QR codes

In order to learn more about visitors’ behaviour and to provide them with further information regarding its other activities, this year, İKSV begins using a QR code system for Biennial visits. You may register for a personal QR code that you will use to visit all the Biennial venues, by filling out the form at or at registration desks at the Biennial venues.

Visitor Registration
Istanbul Biennial present a permanent gift to the city in its 30th anniversary

Ugo Rondinone’s spectecular neon sculpture, Where Do We Go From Here?, exhibited first at the Taksim Square as part of the 6th Istanbul Biennial in 1999, returns to the city to be displayed permanently. With the support of the 2007-2026 Biennial Sponsor Koç Holding, a new sculpture will be offered to the public domain with each Biennial.

Tuğçe Tuna is at the Biennial with her new choreography, Body Drops

Body Drops, a new choreography conceived by Tuğçe Tuna for the Biennial, is at Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam on every Saturday for the duration of the Biennial, and on the first Sunday after the public opening.

A neighbouring exhibition curated by Istanbul Biennial Director Bige Örer: Flâneuses

The Flâneuses exhibition, opening on 13 September, hosts the artists Aslı Çavuşoğlu, İnci Furni, Güneş Terkol, Yasemin Özcan, and İz Öztat & Zişan, who have worked at the Turkey Workshop in the Cité des Arts over different periods, with works all based on “flânerie”.

Neighbouring Events
Yonamine and Latifa Echakhch present neighbouring works at Istanbul Modern

Two neighbouring, site-specific works that are brought to life at the centre of Istanbul Modern by Yonamine and Latifa Echakhch, welcomes the street aesthetic into the Biennial. The works in dialogue prove that destruction might be as productive as construction. Here is our quick conversation with the artists during the installation.

A conversation with Tuğçe Tuna on Body Drops

Choreographer, dance artist, academic, and movement therapist Tuğçe Tuna is among the artists of the 15th Istanbul Biennial with a performance she will be presenting at Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam. Let’s hear what the artist has to say about the performance she entitled Body Drops and how it relates to a good neighbour.

A conversation with the Public Programme coordinator Zeyno Pekünlü

The programme of which artist Zeyno Pekünlü serves as a coordinator will enable us to perceive the theme a good neighbour as the neighbourhood of disciplines, with participation of researchers, activists and musicians from different fields. Pekünlü explains the intellectual background of the series of activities that are going to be taking place over the course of two months.

Public Programme
Note on your calendars: Details of the Public Programme announced

Coordinated by the artist Zeyno Pekünlü, the 15th Istanbul Biennial’s Public Programme features opening and closing symposiums that will host Shahrzad Mojab, Joseph Massad, Massimo de Angelis, Stavros Stavrides, Ayfer Bartu Candan and Şükrü Argın, and a variety of different events aiming biennial visitors of all ages. Please click to view all the events that can be attended with no admission fee.

Public Programme
Volkan Aslan is at the 15th Istanbul Biennial with his new video, Home Sweet Home

Teasers of Home Sweet Home, video commission of the 15th Istanbul Biennial to artist Volkan Aslan, are now online.

A talk with Pereda on his grotesque walls

Alejandro Almanza Pereda on the three-piece work he made for the Istanbul Biennial, one of which has recently been launched at the Pera Museum in anticipation of the Biennial.

These cameras are not there to watch, but to be watched

The ceramic cameras that Bingöl will install on the façades of over 20 buildings in the most crowded centre of the city are not there to watch, but to be watched.

Pereda’s work is on display at the Pera Museum

Alejandro Almanza Pereda is at the Pera Museum with the new piece he has added to to his seminal series Horror Vacui from Istanbul. The series comprise found Romantic paintings covered by lumps of concrete. The work replaced a painting from the Orientalist Painting Collection of the Pera Museum. Two more work from the same series will be exhibited after the opening.

Artists announced

The 15th Istanbul Biennial reveals the participating artists of this year’s edition, which takes place from 16 September to 12 November 2017.

15th Istanbul Biennial is in the neighbourhood with a good neighbour posters

Posters can be obtained, free of charge, from box offices at İKSV, Pera Museum, Istanbul Modern and selected Biletix sales points.

Online article series on a good neighbour

Every Monday, writers, editors, curators, thinkers write about a good neighbour on the special section dedicated to the 15th Istanbul Biennial in the online newspaper, T24, available only in Turkish.

Biennial to open its doors in six venues

The 15th Istanbul Biennial will be located in the heart of Istanbul, and can be visited free of charge at six nearby venues within walking distance.

Elmgreen & Dragset on the 15th Istanbul Biennial

Elmgreen & Dragset talk about the 15th Istanbul Biennial in a conversation held by The Biennial Foundation at Venice.

Get a guided tour for the Biennial

Guided tours to the 15th Istanbul Biennial, sponsored by Koç Holding, are held every day except Mondays throughout the duration of the Biennial, at Istanbul Modern, Galata Greek Primary School and Pera Museum.

From Moscow to Sydney: the International Billboard Project

In anticipation of the exhibition, the 15th Istanbul Biennial launched an International Billboard Project to share the theme of a good neighbour in different cities around the world.

An opportunity to support the Istanbul Biennial

Biennial Special Tickets reward you as a supporter of the exhibition with special opportunities and benefits.